Telling Your Best Friend How You Really Feel

If you have a best friend that you have more than friendly feelings for, and you are struggling to keep your feelings inside, stop struggling! Just let it out. I am convinced that the majority of successful romances began as friendships, and that too many of us choose to do things backwards causing our romantic affairs to fail again and again. True love isn't always hard to find. Chances are that your best friend is exactly who you are looking for. So, while I think there are precautions to take, I say go for it. Before you make your move, read through the suggestions below. They will help ensure an unforgettable moment of truth.

Food for Thought

Romantic Ways to Reveal Your Affection

Whichever way you choose to let your feelings emerge; know that you are igniting the first flames of true love. Someday, maybe you will be telling your grandchildren the tale of when you took the leap of love. Make it unforgettable.


Is This Really The One?

Whether or not your partner is right for you is one of the most important decisions of your life. Your entire future depends on these choices so how can you be sure you have the picked the right one?

Well, the first thing you need to do is honestly ask yourself is why you love or are with your partner? You would be surprised at the answers you hear when you ask that same question to your friends.

The wrong answers to that question include the following:

Because they love me.
It's better than being alone.
I don't want to hurt them.
Because I am not sure I would find someone better.

These answers indicate a relationship built upon fear, insecurity and pity.

There are good matches out there, but if there are too many ifs, ands or buts then sooner or later the relationship will fail. Now that doesn't mean you will break up, you could stay together for the rest of your lives and still fail as a couple.

So the question still remains, how do you choose the right partner?

Obviously you are going to choose a partner that you are physically attracted to. Apart from that aspect, there are a few important areas you should look at:

Communication Level
When you talk to them, are they on the same level as you? How long does it take them to answer your question? Do you get bored because they answer everything else under the sun rather than the question you asked or do you enjoy the tangents they take you on?

Do they speak very slowly compared to you? Do they understand you when you speak? Can you really talk to them about absolutely anything?

This may not seem important now but could you imagine living with someone for the next 50 - 70 years that can never answer a direct question, frustrates you to no end by their speed of communication and just doesn't get it when are trying to explain something to them?

Common Interests
This is really a given. You have to have something in common with them to be able to be with them. Otherwise you will have nothing to talk about and nothing to do together. Yes, physically you may have great sex, but how far can that really take you? When two people have different interests, one person usually ends up sacrificing their desires for the other person... or you end up living comletely seperate lives.

Do you both want the same things in life or are they going to hold you back? Are they willing to let you have that career you have always wanted. Even if it means working long hours plus going to school at night?

Ethics Level
Do they have the same values as you? Would they feel totally OK doing something that you would have strong objections to or vice versa? Do you have the same beliefs on major issues such as religion, prejdudice, raising children etc? If not, is this something that will become a problem in the future?

Grooming and Cleanliness
Are they a slob and you the type of person that likes to keep the house immaculate? Do you take the same level of care of your appearance?

There is a lot of false information about relationships out there. One of the biggest lies is that opposites attract. That is really just a myth. Now a lot of the things I have listed above do come down to personal choice. It comes down to what you are and are not willing to accept. Just because you have fallen in love with someone does not mean that they are the right one for you. The number of people in physically abusive relationships should be testament enough to that. One thing is for sure. Do not settle for something less than you want because you are scared of hurting them, being alone or you feel this might be the best you can get. You never know what you might have missed that was right around the corner. Settling is always settling, no matter what way you look at it. By doing so, you will be left with a lifetime of "what ifs".


Should You Just Be Friends?
Five situations where you might make better friends than lovers!
Should you just be friends?

Sometimes, even though you would hate to admit it, some friends should never become couples. While each relationship is different and almost all obstacles can be overcome, here are 5 situations in which you might want to consider just being friends.

#1 Your future goals are completely different.
Future goals play an important part in any relationship. If you are ambitious and your partner is not, then there may come a time when you realize that there is quite a gulf between you. The experiences of today, shape who you will become tomorrow. With the gulf in ambition, there could come a time when you just grow apart.

#2 You have different core beliefs.
Every couple needs to have some basic common points of agreement in order to succeed. These "agreements" could be as simple as you both know you want children, or that you both have similar moral values. While different points of view are often healthy for a relationship, some differences maybe a little too difficult to bridge. If you cannot find workable comprises to these differences, then it would probably be better to just be friends.

#3 Your relationship is purely sexual.
While sex is an essential and integral part of any relationship, a relationship built solely on sex is probably not going to go far. When "your place or mine" sums up the extent of your conversation then you really should consider just being friends… with a few benefits here and there.

#4 One of you is more committed than the other.
One of the hardest situations to deal with is when one partner is obviously more committed to the relationship than the other. It may be because one loves the other more, or it could be that one of you is just not ready to make a commitment yet. Such situations often cause resentment to build up, probably on both sides. If this is happening to you, consider cooling it for a while until you are both ready for the next step.

#5 You were more loving as friends.
A friend of mine once described the relationship between himself and his ex-wife as "great friends that should never have gotten married." That got me thinking and I realized that, with relationships come responsibilities and expectations that are not present between friends. If these added responsibilities and expectations are causing you to spend more time arguing and fighting than loving, then you might want to go back to what was successful for you… just being friends.

Remember, deciding whether or not to stay in a relationship is not a decision to be taken lightly and every relationship is different. The chances are, if you are reading this article then you probably are having a few doubts about your relationship. When making your decision, make sure you are not just having a "bad relationship day" and make your decisions for the long term. The above situations are just some guidelines to help you on your way.


What LOVE is all about??

 For all you people who say "I love you" when
 you have no clue what love is exactly!!!:
 What is love?
 When we claim that it's love that we have for someone, are we correct?
 Something to ponder upon.....

 Are your palms sweaty,
 is your heart racing and is your voice caught within your chest?
 It isn't love, it's liking.
 You can't keep your eyes or hands off of them, am I right?
 It isn't love, it's lust.
 Are you proud, and eager to show them off?
 It isn't love, it's luck.
 Do you want them because you know they're there?
 It isn't love, it's loneliness.

 Are you there because it's what everyone wants?
 It isn't love, it's loyalty.
 Are you there because they kissed you, or held your hand?
 It isn't love, it's low confidence.
 Do you stay for their confessions of love,
 because you don't want to hurt them?
 It isn't love, it's pity.
 Do you belong to them because their sight makes your heart skip a beat?
 It isn't love, it's infatuation.
 Do you pardon their faults because you care about them?
 It isn't love, it's friendship.
 Do you tell them every day they are the only one you think of?
 It isn't love, it's a lie.
 Are you willing to give all of your favourite things for their sake?
 It isn't love, it's charity.

 Does your heart ache and break when they're sad?
 Then it's love.
 Do you cry for their pain, even when they're strong?
 Then it's love.
 Do their eyes see your true heart, and touch your soul so deeply it hurts?
 Then it's love.
 Do you stay because a blinding, incomprehensible mix of pain and
 relation pulls you close and holds you there?
 Then it's love.
 Do you accept their faults because they're a part of who they are?
 Then it's love.
 Are you attracted to others, but stay with them faithfully without regret?
 Then it's love.
 Would you allow them to leave you, not because they want to but because they    have to?
 Then its love.
 Would you give them your heart, your life your death?
 Then it's love.
 Now, if love is painful, and tortures us so,
 why do we love?
 Why is it all we search for in life?
 This pain, this agony?
 Why is it all we long for?
 This torture, this powerful death of self?
 The answer is so simple cause it's...LOVE.
 It is such an addiction that even people who,
 are not having it wish to experience and share it with others.


Right now somebody.......!!!!

When you feel all alone and there's no one around just think about this and remember to keep the faith!! Remember that right at this very moment somebody out there... thinking of you. caring about you.

...wants to be with you.

...hopes you aren't in trouble.

...wants to hold your hand. praying for you.

...hopes everything turns out alright.

...wants you to be happy.

...wants you to find him/her. him/her.

...wants to give you a gift.

...hopes you're not too cold, and not too hot.

...wants to hug you.

...loves you. thinking of you and smiling.

...wants to be your shoulder to cry on.

...wants to go out with you and have a lot of fun.

...wants you to believe in yourself and know they believe in you.

...wants you to know you are always in his/her heart.

...wants you to know that you are a part of them, no matter how far you may be... playing a song that you love. helping you without your knowledge. your friend.

... misses you more than you know.



popping the question

Are you ready to pop the big question? Congratulations! Proposing will be one of the most pivotal moments of both of your lives. There are many ways to ask the woman of your dreams to marry you. The most important thing though is that you choose a way that is felt from the heart. Nerves will always play a part, but if you sincerely mean what you are doing then everything will go just as it is supposed to. For some help, use the following tips and ideas to make this special occasion as perfect as possible.

Tips For Proposing

Tip #1: Asking for her hand in marriage is a perfect way to show respect and love. Do it in private without her knowing before you propose.

Tip #2: If you aren't sure what type of ring she wants, or you are surprising her, propose with a loose diamond, so that she can pick out her own setting later. Keep in mind what you think her idea of romance is. Some women would be ecstatic to pick out their own ring setting, but others might find it disappointing.

Tip #3: Know the answer before asking the question!

Tip #4: Keep it an absolute secret. Asking for advice from her sister or friend is a good idea ONLY if you can ensure secrecy. Don't tell anyone your plans if you're not sure you can trust them to stay quiet.

Tip #5: Plan this event. She is going to remember it for the rest of her life, so put some effort into it. Above all else, be creative. Embellish the ideas below with your own personal touches.

Tip #6: Celebrate afterwards. Let it be known that she just made you the happiest man on earth.

Proposal Ideas:


101 Reasons Why I love You


A very large number of romantic ideas that have been added to this site involve writing down reasons why you love your partner. This, when it comes to a large number of ideas, can be extremely time consuming and sometimes difficult to be creative with. Use this list to help spark your loving imagination and create an "ultimate" romantic gift for your love! Please note: Not all of the items on this list will apply to your relationship. When you see one that doesn't, just substitute it with one of your own.

  1. I love the way we finish each other's sentences.

  2. I love the way I know you'll never give up on me.

  3. I love the fact that I wouldn't ever give up on you.

  4. I love the way you look at me.

  5. I love how beautiful your eyes are.

  6. I love the way I can't imagine a day without you in my life.

  7. I love the way if we were ever separated I wouldn't know how to go on.

  8. I love the way we cuddle and watch sunsets together.

  9. I love the way we sometimes stay up all night and just talk, then watch the sunrise together.

  10. I love how I know you'll always be there when I need you to be.

  11. I love the fact that I will always be there for you too.

  12. I love how when I dream of my life partner, the only person that I can see is you.

  13. I love how complete I feel when I am with you.

  14. I love how our bodies just fit together.

  15. I love the way you make me laugh.

  16. I love the way you laugh.

  17. I love the way you won't compromise yourself when we are together.

  18. I love the way you won't let me compromise myself.

  19. I love your thoughtfulness.

  20. I love your tenderness.

  21. I love your ability to speak without saying a single word.

  22. I love the way we glance at each other across the room and know what each other is thinking.

  23. I love the way, how even though we may be miles apart I still feel like you're right here with me.

  24. I love the way you surprise me with the perfect gifts that show you pay attention to me.

  25. I love the way you'll watch a sporting game with me even though you may not be interested in it.

  26. I love the way you treat my friends.

  27. I love your love for the things that interest me.

  28. I love the way you let me live my life freely without jealousy.

  29. I love how you demand respect but are not controlling.

  30. I love how I would do anything in this world to make you happy.

  31. I love how you would do anything in this world to make me happy.

  32. I love the way your voice sounds over the phone.

  33. I love the way your voice sounds when you whisper sweet nothings in my ear.

  34. I love the completeness and oneness I feel when we make love.

  35. I love your sensuality.

  36. I love how our romance feels like the perfect romance movie.

  37. I love how you are my soul mate.

  38. I love the way you handle troubled times.

  39. I love the way you respect me.

  40. I love the way you protect and defend me.

  41. I love how you feel when we cuddle.

  42. I love the softness of your lips against mine.

  43. I love the softness of you lips against my body.

  44. I love the feeling of your hair brushing against me when we make love.

  45. I love laying in bed at night talking about nothing.

  46. I love waking up to find we've been cuddling together all night.

  47. I love the surprises you leave for me.

  48. I love your intelligence.

  49. I love your ingenuity.

  50. I love your ability to make friends where ever we go.

  51. I love your love for life.

  52. I love your passion for your hobbies and interests.

  53. I love how every time I look at you, you take my breath away.

  54. I love how I thank God everyday for bringing someone as wonderful as you into my life.

  55. I love the fact you gave me the gift of our children.

  56. I love the special moments that we shared that will remain my fondest memories of you and I.

  57. I love spending the holidays with the one person I love the most.

  58. I love how my heart skips a beat whenever you walk into the room.

  59. I love how you love me.

  60. I love how I love you.

  61. I love the ways you choose to show your affection for me.

  62. I love the way you inspire me to be more than I am.

  63. I love the way you spark my creativity and imagination.

  64. I love the way you make me feel like anything is possible as long as I'm with you.

  65. I love your sense of humor.

  66. I love the way you make me feel like royalty.

  67. I love the way you dress.

  68. I love your understated elegance.

  69. I love you just the way you are.

  70. I love your spontaneity.

  71. I love our life together.

  72. I love how if I died right now I would be the happiest person alive knowing I found my one true love.

  73. I love the fact that we will grow old together.

  74. I love your way with words.

  75. I love the way you look when your sleeping.

  76. I love the way you think you look awful when you first wake up when it is actually then I find you the most beautiful.

  77. I love your willingness to share everything and most especially your heart with me.

  78. I love your strength of character.

  79. I love taking showers together.

  80. I love the way you leave me love notes to find whenever you're gone.

  81. I love the way you treat me.

  82. I love the way you take care of us.

  83. I love your cooking.

  84. I love the way you take the time to thank me for doing every day things.

  85. I love the way you show your affection when we are around friends and/or family.

  86. I love the way you are not scared to show your affection when we are in public.

  87. I love your confidence.

  88. I love your ability to make me feel better when times are tough.

  89. I love the way we make up after a fight.

  90. I love how you treat our children.

  91. I love the way you support me when I'm off track.

  92. I love the way you take the time to show me how much you love me.

  93. I love your beautiful hair.

  94. I love your body.

  95. I love your openness to try new things.

  96. I love your ability to talk things through.

  97. I love your courage to be you.

  98. I love your greatness.

  99. I love the fact that you want to be with me and only me.

  100. I love how I am and feel when I am with you!

  101. I love you for you!




Telling Your Best Friend How You Really Feel

If you have a best friend that you have more than friendly feelings for, and you are struggling to keep your feelings inside, stop struggling! Just let it out. I am convinced that the majority of successful romances began as friendships, and that too many of us choose to do things backwards causing our romantic affairs to fail again and again. True love isn't always hard to find. Chances are that your best friend is exactly who you are looking for. So, while I think there are precautions to take, I say go for it. Before you make your move, read through the suggestions below. They will help ensure an unforgettable moment of truth.

Food for Thought

Romantic Ways to Reveal Your Affection

Whichever way you choose to let your feelings emerge; know that you are igniting the first flames of true love. Someday, maybe you will be telling your grandchildren the tale of when you took the leap of love. Make it unforgettable.


Are You Dateable?

So often when there is something we decide we want, we spend all of our focus and energy on the flow of getting it. Unfortunately, what we don't realize is that with an attentive eye focused on ourselves we will find the answer to our quest. If you've ever wondered why you may be finding it difficult to find your perfect match, it may be time to analyze what it is you are offering. The following questions are aimed at helping you discover your dateability.

Are you happy?
People pick up on unconscious thoughts. If you're not happy, it is pretty safe to say you are permeating the air with your negativity. Find out what would really make you happy, and do it! Positive people are people magnets. Find yourself and you may also find the other half you are looking for.

Do you say "my ex" more than 5 times a day?
What's done is done. If you want a potential partner to remain interested, don't give off signs that you're still emotionally committed. Allow yourself the freedom to be free. Sometimes it is easier to cling to the past than to face what is right in front of you. Don't let thoughts of an ex hold you back from enjoying your future.

Are you financially stable?
While this is not an end-all criterion, it does reflect how independent, stable or ambitious you are. If you're not in a comfortable financial place now, make a change. Do some research on getting out of debt, or ways to increase your monetary flow. You'll feel happier, and be a better catch, even if all you have is a plan of action that you are carrying out.

Do you have future goals, dreams or desires?
A dream is an aspiration for something greater than you have now. It could mean improving yourself, visiting a foreign land, or even owning a rare collector's piece. Whatever your dreams and goals are to you, it is important to have them, and have plans to achieve them. A person who is trying to achieve a goal or dream is showing that they are willing to grow as a person. It can also show your ability to make something happen for yourself and possibly for a potential partner.

What are you doing for you?
If you aren't engaged in any hobbies, self-improvement or other interests you may be giving signals that you will be overly dependent on a potential partner. Furthermore, having independent interests will help you keep your personal identity in a relationship, which at times can feel like a thing of the past.

Do you know what went wrong in your past relationship(s)?
The first step to overcoming a problem is to realize there is one. If you haven't already, take an objective look at your past relationships and find out how you contributed to their demise.

Do you know what you want in a new partner?
If you haven't taken the time to narrow this down, this could very likely be the reason you are without. When creating your list, be sure to include things you do not want as well. Mark off which things are red flags and which things you can live with. If you find an interest entering a red flag zone, do yourself a favor and look for someone else.

More questions to consider...
Do you feel you may be too insecure?
Are you focusing on the past more than you are focusing on the here and now or the future?
Do you feel you may be overly critical or negative towards other people or life?
Would you date you?


5 Foolproof Ways To Win
Back Your Past Love


Sometimes circumstances can separate a couple that is truly otherwise meant to be together. These circumstances can include anything from misplaced emotions to bad timing. Unfortunately, the heart doesn't always understand reason. If you are still harboring affection for a past love, and you want a foolproof plan to win them back, this is the article for you. A word of caution: the infallible plan I propose will work only if love between each of you truly exists. So, if you are sure fate has locked the two of you together, read on with an open heart.

With that forewarning out of the way, the rest of the advice is simple: take a risk. Allow something of yourself to be exposed and vulnerable. Put your heart, your reputation, your pride, your…whatever is dear to you… on the line. Make it big! Chances are that if you are reading this article, the separation was mainly your fault. If a person is not able take responsibility for their part of the demise in a relationship, they aren't ready to take the steps necessary to repair it. If there truly isn't blame to be assigned, then a bit of romance should remedy your problem. For the rest of you, it's time to get extreme. Some of you need to prove your love and devotion. Others may need to make a lifestyle change or prove their loyalty. Below are appropriate fixes to common break up scenarios.

Something about the way you live is intolerable to your partner:

Everyone has their limits. Did a habit or part of your lifestyle become a major concern or a negative focal point of your relationship? Now is the time for you to decide whether keeping those habits or lifestyles is more valuable to you than your past partner. There are many reasons for each side of a situation. The best way to approach this is to break it down simplistically. Make two lists of pros and cons. Your headings should be something like:

  1. Ridding my life of whatever it is that tormented him/her to get them back.
  2. Keeping the conflict causing variable and letting go of my ex.

Under each heading, make sure to include physical, emotional and mental advantages and disadvantages as well as simple or superficial bits of reasoning. Try to include everything good and bad.

After you've completed both sets of pros and cons, go through and circle the statements or words that really mean something to you. Which of these things give meaning to your life, inspire your mind or are essential to your own moral code? On the cons lists, circle which of those listed are detrimental to your aspirations, emotional state or strength as a person. After completing this exercise, you should have a pretty good idea of what choices to make. If you decide that having your love back is much more important to you than whatever was bothering them, winning them back after the problem is resolved should be a cinch. One cautionary word of advice: prove the strength of your new lifestyle to your love, as well as to yourself by taking some time to settle into it. Rushing things will only hurt your chances; I promise you that.

They doubt your love, commitment or future together:

Research by watching as many romantic comedies as you can handle. You should soon see a pattern of what the opposite sex desires. Then, construct your own plan of action. This plan is usually a mix of risking your heart and your pride. Every good romance has a dramatic scene where the one begging for another chance serenades the other from their yard, no matter their talent, and wakes all of the neighbors. Drama, drama, drama is the central idea here because this relationship complication is easily fixed by sweeping the object of your desire off of their feet.

You've done something wrong:

Whether it is a big oops or a little one, you must make sure they know it won't happen again and that you have taken every precaution to ensure that it doesn't. Couples with this problem often break up under strict, "I wont talk to you or see you at all" rules, so you may have to wedge yourself in where you can…their friends and family. How else will they know? Give their loved ones a chance to share with your ex just how much you love them, how sorry you are and how committed to repentance you are. Then, when you are sure that they have had time to think, make them an irresistible offer. An irresistible offer can be anything from chocolate dipped strawberries, champagne and Scrabble surprise at the front door to an invitation sent to work for a night of opera and roses. Choose whatever will be so enticing to your love that they won't be able to resist.

You've done that something wrong…again:

If you do something twice that merits a break-up, it is becoming a habitual oops at this point and you should consider making a lifestyle change (see first solution) to prevent future mishaps. There is rarely a valid excuse in this bracket because of the severity of the consequence.

Doing your part in making a relationship work is a life long endeavor; so remember that along with your fresh beginning there needs to be a real change. Consistently treat your partner with the same courtesy and fidelity that you wish to be treated and your destiny will unfold accordingly.


Shadows of a Past Love
Learn how to eradicate the ghosts of your past!

Shadow: A phantom; a ghost.
Past: No longer current; gone by; over.
Love: An intense emotional attachment.

The past is something we should use to guide our future, not something that should control or direct it. When we allow our past to dictate what we do now, we are no longer in control of our person. Instead, it is our past that is in control. Unfortunately, many people are not aware that this is what is going on. They know the past is affecting them, but they are not aware to what degree or how it is changing them as a person and their outlook on life. How many times have you heard a person say they don't want to get involved because they don't want to get hurt again? While this seems like a reasonable outlook after dealing with such a "controlling, abusive, lying, or cheating" partner, it is really just a crutch. When a person compares everyone in their future with the people of their past who have hurt them, they are voluntarily letting them control their future as well. They are still attached to them in a way that is even worse than when they were together. Because now, it is isn't even a real person who controls them, but a shadow.

As they say, "Knowing is only half the battle." The other half is learning how to release your shadows. If you've found that you are unable to find a true commitment with someone, it is more than likely because you have a few shadows lurking around. The first step to releasing them is to find them. To do this you need to get in touch with yourself. Start a regime of a daily walking and journal writing. Both of these things are extremely important to achieving a complete recovery and should be done while alone; not in the company of other people! This is a time for personal discovery. You can't discover yourself when someone else is chatting in your ear. If you're wondering how in the world can you find time for this with your busy schedule, think again. You only need about 30 minutes each day to complete both exercises. Ten to fifteen minutes for your walk, and fifteen minutes for your journal writing.

While completing these exercises there are a few things to keep in mind. During the walk make sure you focus on the world around you. Take time to notice the flowers blooming, the trees swaying, the color of the houses, etc. The point of your walk is to take the focus off of you and to start paying attention to the things around you.

Your journal writing is the opposite. Here is where you will really delve into your "personal matters of the heart." The important thing to remember about your journal is that there is no right or wrong thing to write. Write whatever comes to mind. Do not show your journal to anyone, and only read what you've written every few months. The material in your journal is not something to read and digest; it is done just to get whatever it is you're feeling out in the open.

After even just a few days of doing these tasks you will notice an difference in your outlook towards many things, including love.

The next step to releasing your shadows will be to find out why they are there. This isn't figuring out what a person may have done to you, but rather working out why you feel the need to have the shadows there in the first place. Take a few minutes to answer these questions:

  1. Can you only love one person?

  2. Is it an equal relationship if only one partner is giving love? How can this negatively affect you?

  3. What have you learned about yourself from your past relationships, starting with the first?

  4. What traits did your last partner have that you would NOT want in a future partner?

  5. What traits did your last partner have that you WOULD want in a future partner?

  6. What things do you wish you had not done to previous romantic partners, starting with the first?

  7. What things do you wish previous romantic partners had not done, starting with the first?

  8. What changes do you feel you can make right now to make you happier?

Now that you have done this, go over it again and add more to each of your answers. Once you have completed that, go over it one more time. Make sure you include anything and everything you can think of. Just remember, don't get sidetracked onto other issues not related to your romantic life.

The last step is to finally, forgive and forget. You can't go forward if you're stuck on someone in the past. Agree that you were a great partner, you did the best you could and if it's not meant to be, then it's just not meant to be. Things work out the way they do for a reason. Sometimes the reasons are not always clear right away. Trust in yourself that the right decisions were made, and know that you don't need anyone else to make you happy. Only you can truly do that.



10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Be Romantic!

Make the decision to show your partner how you feel, right now! Below are 10 things you can do at this very moment to show your romantic side.

  1. Leave a flower somewhere your partner will find it, with a note that says, "I love you!"

  2. Write a love letter and have it mailed to your partner.

  3. Send your partner a romantic ecard

  4. Write 25 reasons why you love your partner and give it to your partner the next time you see them.

  5. Cut out a paper heart. On the paper heart write, "Did you know... you are the owner of my heart?" Leave the heart in a place you know your partner will find it.

  6. Call your partner right now and ask them out on a date.

  7. Arrange all the details of a surprise date for your partner, right now!

  8. Have flowers or other type of gift delivered to your partner.

  9. Write a love note and explain why, and when, you feel in love with your partner. Leave it in a place you know your partner will find it.

  10. Create a love dedication.




28 Creative Love Letter Ideas

1. An Audio Tape Letter
Well my Fiancée sent me a audio tape, when I first saw the tape I thought it was broken, then I looked carefully and realized that it had a little tab, saying "Pull me" I pulled the tab and started to read what was written on the actually magnetic tape. My fiancée had actually written to me on the tape with a gold pen. This really touched my heart, and all I could think of was, what a wonderful, fun and LOVING person she is. I LOVE her to bits, I wish the same to all the romantics out there that share the same thoughts as me and my fiancée do.
Submitted by Darren Solanki

2. Message In A Bottle
When you're in a long distance relationship, all you can rely on is letters, cards, emails, and telephone calls. But my boyfriend came up with a creative way to send me a letter. I got a package from him one day and I found a bottle with a letter inside! It was really cute and melted my heart! Who isn't charmed by received a message in a bottle!
Submitted by Anonymous

3. Dated...
This is not so much an idea, but something that I did for my love. I never believed in love at first sight until I met Micheal. It wasn't quite love at first sight, but following our first date, there were feelings inside me that went far beyond expression. I didn't want to say something that I may regret later, or more likely, something that would scare him away, but I had to let it out or I would simply explode. I sat down and wrote him a letter telling him of my feelings for him. I told him that I thought I was falling in love with him and that I thought he was absolutely wonderful. I put it in an envelope and mailed it to my own home, but with his name on the envelope. It was only a couple weeks later when he expressed that he felt the same feelings about me, and so I pulled the letter out of my drawer and handed it to him. Noticing the post-marked date, he read the letter with complete astonishment, and was totally charmed to know that I had fallen in love with him on our very first date.
Submitted by Megan

4. Secret Admirer
I find that the most romantic gestures take a little time to do. Write a glorious infatuation letter, even better type it to conceal your handwriting. Try to make sure there are no tips to give you away, but put hints in it that would make her think it might be somebody else she knows. Use things you might know about her job, or places she might go, but things other people can also know. You might even scare her by telling her you followed her home. Sign it Your Secret Admirer, and send it to her by mail. Send flowers anonymously. Candy, Poetry, whatever you can think of. I set this up for a month, and when I let on who her secret admirer was, I never felt so gratified. It made her feel good that she thought she was still desirable, and when she found out it was me it made it all the better.

5. A letter hunt
My boyfriend told me that he would leave me a love note on my computer for when I got home. Well, he did just that and more. He sent me running around the house finding these little "clues" to where the real love letter was. After running up and down the stairs, finding clues in the cookie jar, ice cream container, under my pillow, in the bathroom, on the tv, and so on-he led me to the wine cellar in the basement where there sat a dozen roses with yet another "clue" as to where my love letter was. He had taped it to the back of the teddy bear he gave me for x-mas. It was the sweetest thing in the world even though I felt silly running through the house like I did.
Submitted by Anonymous

6. A Single Rose Love Letter
Who says that flowers are only for girls? Guys love them too. I bought a beautiful rose for my boyfriend and plucked almost all of the petals off of it. Attached to each petal, I wrote one sentence on a small piece of paper (rolled up) telling him how much he means to me. I placed the petals face up so he couldn't see the messages. When he opened the box, he saw the left over plucked rose, a small note explaining what's behind each petal, and the petals underneath. I can honestly say that the reciever will cherish that gift forever. :o) My boyfriend did, and right after he confessed his love for me. To this day, he still takes out the dried rose petals to read each note that explains how much I admire and love him.
Submitted by Cathy

7. Say it with their name
Send your partner roses according to how many letters there name has. For example: "manny". You would buy 5 red roses and with each rose you would write a message starting with the first letter of their name. For example M: My love. You will never imagine how much I love you. Then for the second rose you would write: All that I ever have wanted is you and only you. then you would finish until you get to the letter Y. Before writing the note you must underline the first letter of every message. It will spell out his /her name. Then leave it where he/she will see it or just have it sent.
Submitted by Ledy Dejesus

8. Floating love letter
Save the next empty wine bottle, the next time you surprise your partner with that bubble bath, write a love letter and stick it in the bottle, cork it and float it in the bath water : )
by Anonymous

9. Love Notes
I love leaving little love notes around the house, but you want to make sure that you leave them where your love one will find them. Two ways this can be done.
(1) buy magnetic letters (bookstores sell) and place them on the refig., they are bound to go there sooner or later.
(2) use a soap bar and write your romantic message on the bathroom mirror. It won't do damage to mirror and is easy to get off with a little water.
by Nicholas

10. Say it in a BIG way!
The other day I made a large envelope and a large note that said, "I love you in the biggest way!" I even went out on the Internet to download pictures of stamps and blew them up in size. Then I had the apartments where she lives call her to the office to pick up an "important" letter...
Submitted by Mike Johnston

11. Book of Love
This is something I did for my boyfriend, and he loved it! I thought of My ten favorite things about him, then wrote a letter about each one and how much it meant to me. I put all the letters (after I'd spent tons of time perfecting and decorating them) together into a little book, and give it to him for our anniversary. Big success!!
Submitted by Sabrina

12. Letter a day...
If your loved one is going away for vacation or a short trip, take a pink colored notepad and for each day that he's gone write a separate love letter, so that he can read one everyday and be close to you. (I tried it-- and it worked better than I thought!)
Submitted by Loving

13. Love Letter Ideas
I like to send my boyfriend a letter (snail mail) every week. However, I want every letter to be as new and exciting as for him as the first, so I try to be creative. Some ideas:
- send a letter in a bottle (be extra careful with the packaging so it won't break)
-write a letter on the back of a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle, then take it apart and let them put it together
-instead of sending a written letter, send a video cassette of yourself telling everything you want your special person to know.
Submitted by Anonymous

14. Love Letter Ideas
I've found that one way to easily make an ordinary letter or package more special for somebody, is to decorate the package or envelope that you're sending. When one of my loves sent me a teddy bear, she lined the inside of the box with gift wrapping paper, and I still cherish that box to this day. If you've got a letter you wanna decorate, and you're not a good artist, then get some stickers. Too many of us forget about stickers after about grade school, but you can attach a cute or lovable sticker to anything at all, and whatever it touches will become special. A lot of restaurants and stores will have sticker dispensers that have those shiny, metallic stickers, they are superb. But don't just get the envelope, hit the letter itself, and be sure to perfume those pages. Perfumed pages are incredibly sensual. A good way to accomplish this is to put perfume on your wrist before you start writing. As your wrist moves across the paper, it'll be scented. Yet another thing you can do to make a letter more romantic is to write something on the flap, so the first thing your love sees when they open the envelope is an, "I love you" or something else. Before they even begin reading, they'll already be smitten with love.
Submitted by Klancy Kennedy

15. In A Different Language
Write your loved one a long, romantic, handwritten letter in a different language (friends come awfully handy if you don't know that much). Give it to him/her with something you treasure (in my case, he gave me his lucky pen). They'll have a memorable time getting the letter translated, and they'll be inspired to do the same. *smile*
Submitted by Gemma

16. Laundry Surprise
If your loved one does your laundry, write a love letter and leave it in a pocket. On laundry day he/she will find it while checking for forget me's. Make sure to write his/her name on it so he/she will read it, not just toss it in the waste.
Submitted by Anonymous

17. Word Power
When sending your loved one a card or letter, handwrite a word find puzzle on the envelope with the words "I Love You" hidden and ask her to find the hidden phrase. Nice little treat!
Submitted by James

18. A Simple Letter of Love
A simple letter to show them how you feel usually makes them smile. My boyfriend and I are in high school and we were kind of fighting. Well, one day I went all day without seeing him at all. When school got out he was waiting for me by the doors and he handed me a letter and told me to open it. I opened it and all the way down the paper it said, "I love you." Then at the very bottom it said, "Hope this makes up for the times when I didn't say I love you or it didn't seem like I did. I'll always love you a million times more than what you think." I looked up and he kissed me right in front of his friends and sister. It was so sweet! See what a simple letter can do to make things better?
Submitted by Tiffanie Merrill

19. I Love You Blanket
Find out his favorite colors and make him a blanket preferably fleece and on one side using felt letters write something like "cover you in kisses" or "I Love you" or "Wrapping you in my love" or something like that. I'm giving it to my BF for christmas I hope it goes well!
Submitted by Anonymous

20. Rescue Me!
I did this for my boyfriend and I's 1st anniversary, He loved it. OK, I got a big glass bottle with a cork on top. You glue sand on the out side, make sure that it looks like the bottle has been laying on the sand for a very long time. and glue shells,sea weed etc. Then some how get some one to draw you. (make sure you like) Then write a nice letter about how you two got together and how you feel now. Then roll the papers up and place then in the bottle. Oh an extra tip.. drop some perfume on the cork. Enjoy!
Submitted by Emily Aguilar

21. A Letter To Remember
Before your wedding write a letter to your husband to be and have them write one to you. Write about anything. But, focus on your relationship with that person. Then put both letters in a safe deposit box. On your 25th anniversary exchange letters that you wrote to each other.
Submitted by stacy nelson

22. A Ransom Note
Champagne, games, and roses are nice but can get very boring after a while. Instead, get creative and do something off the wall. My girlfriend has this stuffed animal that she adores and keeps on her bed. So I decided to kidnap the stuffed animal making a ransom note from cutting letters out of the news paper.In the letter it said " give me a McDonalds cheeseburger and a six pack of beer or your stuffed pig is pork." Then I took a picture of it on a plate with an apple by it and a fork and knife by the edge of the plate. I then placed the ransom letter and picture on her door. Of course when she saw it she new it was me but we had a fun time with it. She would make playful and sarcastic comments and of course I played back. Needless to say I gave the stuffed animal back making myself look like the hero and she rewarded me with a nite of love. However, your mate must have a good sense of hummor or you might spend the nite on the couch.
Submitted by brian

23. Candy Bar Card
For my boyfriend's birthday, I got a big poster board and I wrote him a letter using candy bars. It said things like you're better than the Three Musketeers, and meet me at 5th Avenue so I can see your Whatchamacalit. Then at the end I put little hugs and kisses. He absolutely loved it and still has it.
Submitted by carrie lynn

24. Covered In Love
Write a surprise love letter to your significant other on a bed sheet (the one you use to cover up with).
Submitted by Sarah

25. Butterflies
I was getting ready to go out with an old girlfriend I had not seen in five years. I was waiting for her to show up at my apartment and was very nervous. When she arrived I couldn't believe how beautiful she was, more than I had remembered. She looked wonderful. Anyway we had a spectacular evening of dinner and dancing. After she left that evening I couldn't stop thinking about her so I decided send her a letter the following week. The letter had small stickers of butterflies I had placed all over it with a message that read "These are the butterflies you gave me last Friday when I heard you walking up the steps to my apartment. I thought you might like them back." She absolutely loved it!!
Submitted by Anonymous

26. An Overlooked I Love You
Once, when my boyfriend and I were having a rough time on a special day, I cut out nine small paper hearts, wrote one letter of "I LOVE YOU!" on each, and colored them pink and red. I put the hearts in an envelope with a sheet of paper. On the paper I had made outlines of the hearts (from when I colored them) with nine overlooked reasons why I love him, one in each.
Submitted by Anonymous

27. Message In A Bottle
For our one year anniversary, I wanted to do something special for my boyfriend, but I wasn't sure what to do. Then, while shopping at a craft store, I came upon a beautiful, blue bottle with a cork. Inspired by the recent movie, "Message in a Bottle", I wrote my boyfriend a three page letter reviewing the past year, and expressing my everlasting love for him. Then I tied the letter with a ribbon, put it in the bottle, put the cork in tightly, and then dated it. When I give it to him, he won't be allowed to open it...he will have to wait until the following year. A year later, as he opens the bottle from the previous year, he will be presented with another message in a bottle. Hopefully, we will be together long enough so that he will eventually have many, many bottles!! :)
Submitted by Anonymous

28. Being There For Your Love!
Write your love a love letter using kiddie stickers that say things like "terrific" or "top notch" or the like. It's a colorful way to spice up an ordinary love letter and will be sure to make his/her day that you put in the extra time.
(submitted by Amy)



I'll give you a rose that is pink,
For courage and kindly ways,
Its sweetness makes it all worthwhile
And guides us all our days.

I'll give you a rose that is white,
For the purity of love,
May it last through our earthly days
And prepare us for heaven above.
I'll give you a rose that is red,
For my eternal love for you.
May we continue to share our hearts
And through forever be true.
Now put them together and bind them
Add patience, forget-me-nots and sage,
And with this bouquet so very sweet,
We'll have true strength as we age.

%%% SeVeN StAgEs Of LoVe %%%
It's that feeling, that nobody could explain cause it different ppl have different experiences in this regard.
Love just not happens at a sight. It is a horizon and every horizon have a fall, so love travels through seven stages.
First of all see someone, you meet hundred of new people in your daily life. The first stage is attraction that something appeal you, looks twice; a person attracts you.
then that person infatuates you. You start admitting it to yourself, that you like him/her, you ask yourself that what does that person means to you why you want to see him/her, why you adore his/her voice, why you get excited, when the attracted person looked at you, even a general look makes your heart bloom.